Fish , fish and More Fish !

Warm water close to shore with not much change in temperature. The whole area is blanketed in a warm bathtub like water with fishing being to Outstanding these days. The Striped Marlin which prefer a little cooler water are not round like normal but the Blue Marlin are here in great numbers and this everything to do with our warm water temperatures.

BILLFISH: Blue Marlin fishing continues to be the hot species of the week. It seems the fish have moved up to the Pacific side where the water has been somewhat cooler, around San Jamie Banks and the Migrino area. Most of the Blues have been landed with lures and the Striped Marlin on live bait. We have had real good numbers of Sailfish this past week and this continued now for the last 3 weeks, with good Sailfish numbers being caught and released. So if you’re into Blue Marlin you had better get to Cabo, as this year has been really good and we think it will continue through October.

DORADO: Fishing for Dorado was not happening this past week with very few if any being reported. It has been pretty disappointing the last 2 years for Dorado action as it ha been pretty bad. We think this might have something to do with El Nino this year but really not sure what is going on. We do know we need to practice limits, laws and conservation and keep any Japanese fisherman out of here with their nets.
SWORDFISH: Hasn’t heard of any caught this week.
WAHOO: Yes a few landed over this past week at Gray Rock on jet heads so if your into Wahoo try that area over the next few days.
TUNA: Well, there has been some action on the Tuna we lost one 100 LB tuna after 1 hour fight, caught and released a 7 ft shark, a few small tuna, and this 200 LB tuna and facebook post:
INSHORE: Rooster Fish are what is happening inshore. There is a bit of green water closer to shore so that hasn’t helped really, but all in all it is mostly Rooster action from San Jose all the way to the Pacific side around San Jamie Banks. Some Skip Jacks are hitting also with some good numbers being reported. There has been Sailfish reported caught inshore also on Pangas so it mite be worth grabbing a Panga and going out for a 5 hour excursion to see what happens inshore.

With fishing being this good you should really consider booking to fishing dates and having a blast on the water.

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Cabo san lucas sport fishing
Cabo San Lucas sport fishing

Cabo San Lucas Sport fishing report 8/24/2015

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 80%

Fishing in Cabo San Lucas Continues to be awesome

Cabo San Lucas Sport fishing
Cabo San Lucas Sportfishing

No way else to describe it but AWESOME.

Multiple hook ups daily of Marlin, Tuna, sailfish and Dorado. You cannot go wrong.

Our crews at Cabo San Lucas Sportfishing have delivered nonstop thrills for all our customers. Congratulations to Ruben from California who brought in this great 140lb plus Yellow-fin tuna before Mother Nature got the rest of it. This is why you have to stay in shape to real up you catch of a life time before the sharks get a piece of it. We have had lots of action with over 72 bill fish released this week from our awesome crews.

Blue marlins have been reported almost every day with releases coming in what a week we’ve had – lots of nice catches but as is normal for this time of year we still had a little over twenty percent of boats that drew a blank. When booking in summer, especially August and September it is a good idea to book more than one day. When it’s good, it’s really good but you can have one great day followed by a blank so by booking a couple of days you cover yourself and can be pretty sure of catching something. Blue marlin catches continue unabated and they were almost our number one catch this week. To start out the week Valerie released both a blue and striped marlin about 250 to 450lbs. of beast. Most blue action has been reported in the 95 high spot. Also LOT’s of great size tunas being captured the sushi bars in Cabo and customers are loving this season.

If you have been either thinking of catching your first Marlin or have always wanted to battle a 100lb. plus Tuna drop everything and book your fishing charter TODAY.

When the fishing is good GO fishing!

OTHER SPECIES: Marlin was the main focus this week so most anglers targeting the big game, however there were some good Sailfish and Dorado catches. We had some nice wahoo, with some getting as large as 70 lbs. Inshore there where monster Rooster fish, skipjacks.

LOCATION: Punta Gorda, Herradura, 11.50 spot, Margaritas, 95 spot.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Sunny skies, seas calm to moderate.